Webster Tarpley – Tea Party Health System Spreads Plagues (World Crisis Radio 10/18/2014) (HD)

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White NBC Reporter Confronts Black Man at Tea Party Rally: ‘Have You Ever Felt Uncomfortable?’

http://newsbusters.org/blogs/brent-baker/2010/04/16/white-nbc-reporter-confronts-black-man-tea-party-rally-have-you-ever-fe There aren’t a lot of African-Ame…


FRACKING – Mansfield TEA PARTY.m4v

www.YouTube.com/User/KRoseVideo FRACKING and Oil Well Injection – A presentation of the MANSFIELD TEA PARTY 30-JAN-2012 Presentations by Energy Industry Repr…

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Befuddled Teabaggers at Cleveland Tea Party

More unedited and befuddled teabaggers at the Cleveland Tea Party, April 15, 2009.


Veena Malik’s Sister Reena Malik Scandal  Video HD 2014

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Chris Rock Attacks Camera After Tea Party Question

HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES! Order the New York Times bestseller today and find out the stunning nexus between Obama and Hollywood! http://tinyurl.com/79jwdw2 Chris…


Tea Party TV Streaming, Tea Party Bus Tour, Paducah KY, Vid

http://www.teapartyexpress.tv/ Tea Party Bus Tour, Paducah, KY daily video tour updates. TeaPartyExpress.tv is covering the bus tour & streaming live, Amy Kremer Interview. Video 10

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RACHEL MADDOW: Obama keeps busy while do nothing Congress dithers

RACHEL MADDOW 06/20/14 Obama keeps busy while do-nothing Congress dithers Allan Lichtman, presidential historian at American University, talk with Ari Melber…


Obama Admin Scandals   Trust The Goverment We Are Here To Help You!   On The Record

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Tea Party (Long Island) July 17, 2009 (Part 2)

Americans nationwide rose-up and said NO MORE to the threat of the Hussein-Obama ‘Health-Care” insanity with a march to FIVE different elected officials on Long Island (Suffolk County) Determined and with many wondefful signs and old glory waving in the breeze….Peaceful assembly was challenged, but the Patriots persevered. Full report with pictures etc can be […]

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TEA party protesters are RACIST!  (and African Americans are not welcome)

Oh wait a minute, what’s going on here, a patriot and Montanan who is working for our freedom at a TEA party protest. I guess the lame stream media has it wr…


Raw Footage:  The Best Tea Party Ever!

http://secularstupidest.com A small but enthusiastic group of patriots from every walk of life came together on a Thursday night to greet Daren Gardner as he…


Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Petrified Over Tax Day Tea Parties

The far-left are fascists, they hate a weak government and a strong citizenry.

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The Tea Party Continuing the Revolution in American Thought

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, founder of the House Tea Party Caucus, examines the rise of the modern Tea Party and how it shook up the political debate. And with just weeks before the …


Tax Day Tea Party Patriots  NYC 2010

lost audio completely when you tube had me remove a song….Joined up with the patriots on the East side of 8th avenue (between 31st and 30th st) The pol…

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GOD BLESS AMERICA ~Tribute to the Tea Party

GOD BLESS AMERICA by THE MAD JEWESS~Tribute to the Tea Partysinging a tribute to the Tea Party Americans across our land. God be with you all as we fight this Commie-onslaught of our freedoms.

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Team Arpaio: Huge Stuff Coming; All Obama Scandals Go Back To Foundation Of Birth Certificate

Excerpt: Team Arpaio: Huge Stuff Coming; All Obama Scandals Go Back To Foundation Of Birth Certificate Issue – 10/3/2014 – http://www.BirtherReport.com – htt…


Japan – Two ministers quit government within hours amid political scandals.

Japan – Two ministers quit government within hours amid political scandals.

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Angry Tea Party Conservative assaults interviewer

The Interviewer asks a Tea Party supporter why he wants to close the VA. The TeaBaggers responds with death threats in an angry irrational fit of rage in a t…


Sarah Palin Keynote Speech at National Tea Party Convention

Fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) delivered the closing keynote address of the first-ever National Tea Party Convention, held in Nashville, TN.


Black Tea Party, Are Governor Bob McDonnells Staff Uncle Tom

(www.hiphoprepublican.tv) HipHop Republican Talk Show Series – Hosted by Shirley Husar: Todays special guest host is Douglas Husar, Shirleys son! Yes, the apple falls close to the tree, and the topics are flying! Are members of Virginia governor Bob McDonnell Uncle Toms? Well Shirley calls them out, and even gives the governors office a call! […]

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Secret Service Fails and Presidential Scandal with Ronald Kessler

Private scandals of the Clinton, Obama, and Bush administrations, and the secret service controversies that surround the White House are explored with author Ronald Kessler. Does Joe Biden’s…


Obama Taking America Apart, Piece by Piece. JON VOIGHT A Message to America 7.12.14

A message for the American people from actor, Jon Voight ~ Obama and the state of our nation ~ Let us not say ‘what difference does it make?’ ~ Let us not fo…


Conservatives Tout Umbrella-Gate

Did you hear of the latest Obama scandal? Apparently the President had two marines hold umbrellas over his and the PM of Turkey’s head at a press conference….


Portia de Rossi Lobbied for Her Role on Scandal.

Portia de Rossi Lobbied for Her Role on Scandal.

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