Sunny Leone & Russell Peter New MMs Scandal Leaked

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Expired Chinese Meat Scandal Rocks McDonald’s And KFC

BEIJING-A suspect meat scandal in China engulfed Starbucks and Burger King on Tuesday and spread to Japan where McDonald’s said the Chinese supplier accused …


Obamas Support System Wanes   Obama Loses Mainstream Media Support As 3 Scandals   The Five

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Miami Tea Party April 19, 2009

Patriots protesting government waste & expansion. Miami Courthouse: 73 W. Flagler Street, Miami, Florida 04-19-2009 More on: Ba…

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Tea Party TV Streaming, Tea Party Express IV Video 2 Tea Party Express IV daily Tour video updates. is covering the bus tour, check the website for cities and dates. Sarah Palin, October 18, Video 2

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Bill Maher on The ‘Dumb,’ ‘We Want Our Country Back’ Tea-Party Crowd

More About The Tea-Party: —————————————————– ** Visit P…


Tea Party TV Streaming, Tea Party Bus Tour, Paducah KY, Vid Tea Party Bus Tour, Paducah, KY daily video tour updates. is covering the bus tour & streaming live, Amy Kremer Interview. Video 9

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Tea Party commercial

From a teen in Alabama.


Sessions Speaks At Wetumpka Tea Party Town Hall

On Friday, September 6th, Sessions held a town hall meeting in Wetumpka. Video courtesy of Jack Temple Video Production.

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Jackson: God Created The Tea Party E.W. Jackson explains how God created the Tea Party.


Tyson Beckford — I’m Boytcotting The NFL … Scandals ‘Turned Me Off’

Supermodel Tyson Beckford says he’s done with the NFL … at least for now … saying he doesn’t feel good about supporting the league after all of the recent scandals. The face of Ralph Lauren had arrived at LAX yesterday when he explained why he’s kicked his Sunday habit. “I don’t even watch football no […]

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CNN: Koch Brothers Fund the Tea Party

This video is provided as an alternate video source for my forum.. Comments have been disabled .. If you wish to leave a comment please visit my forum at htt…

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David Koch – Evidence Of Direct Tea Party Link

A clip from new documentary (Astro) Turf Wars: How Corporate America Faked a Grassroots Revolution, ties oil billionaire David Koch closely to the Tea Party …


Tea Party TV Streaming, Tea Party Bus Tour, Paducah KY, Vid Tea Party Bus Tour, Paducah, KY daily video tour updates. is covering the bus tour & streaming live, Amy Kremer Interview. Video 5

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Michael D Higgins unloads on Tea Party favorite Michael Graham

The longer version of the video : George Hook interviews Michael D Higgins T.D. and talk show host Michael Graham on NewsTalk FM …


Tea Party Catholic (Samuel Gregg – Acton Institute)

Samuel Gregg, Director of Research at the Acton Institute, delivered an address entitled Tea Party Catholic: The Catholic Case for Limited Government, a Free…


Meera Pakistani actress Scandal 2

Meera Pakistani actress Scandal 2

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Vatican Bank Scandals Hr 1 Atty Jon Levy on Greg Szymanski Radio

Aired on Nov 25 2012 Attorney Jon Levy talked about Money laundering by the Vatican Bank. CITY FOCUS: Iniquity at Vatican B. Dr. Jonathan Levy speaks about h…

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Tea Party TV Streaming, Tea Party Lloyd Marcus Video 1 Tea Party Express TV with Lloyd Marcus interviewing everyday people. See the Tea Party Express IV Tour! Tea Party Express TV cities and dates at our website. Video 1

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Alex Jones Body Slams WWE for Demonizing Tea Party

Alex will confront World Wrestling Entertainment’s attempt to demonize Tea Party Americans and himself with their revamp of the Jack Swagger character as a x…


Reclaim the Tea Party for 9/11 Truth and Ron Paul!

Sarah Palin did NOT start the “Tea Party”, she is NOT the leader of the Tea Party! Sarah Palin is the leader of a counter-tea party (a pseudo gang) meant to …


Tea Party Express protester is disrespectful to National Anthem

On October 27, the Tea Party Express rally in St. Louis begins with the National Anthem. A man protesting against the Tea Party makes his way between the aud…


Scandal Student Proposed Her Teacher on Facebook Must Watch

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2014 Tea Party Response to the State of the Union with Senator Mike Lee


Rick Santelli calls for Tea party on Floor of Chicago Board of Trade Rick Santelli of CNBC calls for a Tea Party style even in response the current and former bailout/stimulus deals. The floor of the Chicago…